Thursday, July 3, 2014

Huwebes ang tatlo ni Julio

Interesting day today. We went to see the Elders off to their new transfers. It was pretty tough on some of them. There were some tears and I felt sort of lost most of the day. I hope to see some of these young Elders again and hope to watch them develop like we have with the Alabama missionaries. None of the Sisters were changed in Antique. In fact, that is one of the highlights of our day.

We were able to go with the Sisters and Brother Del Rosario this evening, teaching one family and inviting the Del Rosario family back. The story is, Brother Del Rosario (the father of young Brother Del Rosario) was a stalwart leader in Antique until his death a few years ago. He would ride his bike to speak to the different branches. That had to take some dedication. I would have liked to meet that man.

Young Brother Del Rosario keeps pigeons. He has a nice loft and keeps his birds clean and healthy. We had a nice visit and I hope they will come back Sunday. There are some hurt feelings, but I hope they come back. The Sisters are dedicated, bold testifiers of the Savior. It was good to be with them. Brother Demata is a great one too.

I went painting this afternoon with Paulo and Rodell. We went to a resort near the ocean and paid some pesos to paint there under a garage. The wind was whipping and the rain poured. Rodell thought perhaps we would be seeing a typhoon. It rained a good long time, but no typhoon.

The owner's daughter, Sunshine, joined us. She is about 20 and wants to be an artist. Her father is a pretty good painter. She showed us some of his work. She was serious about improving and learning and we invited her to come again. Rodell and Paulo talk about an art guild in San Jose. It may be a good time.I told Sunshine to let us know when she wanted to go, a few days in advance, so we could invite Nikki Palma.

We are off to Iloilo in the morning. We have been directed to take the Ranger to the Ford dealer for a scheduled check. We need some floor mats and I may have them change the oil, if they will.

Pics from this morning:
Elder Shaffer with a few admirers.

Brother Kib and Elder Latchumanan

Sister Sessions with Elder Gaco, me, and Elder Ortiz. Elder Gaco transferred. Elder Ortiz is staying and has a new Zone Leading companion, Elder Lundgren from Ogden, Utah. Seems like a pretty good man. I am sure he is. . .

My camera must have not been working properly. I am sure we took more pictures than turned-out, but I can't find them. It was good to see everyone, but difficult to see the Elders go. Elders Christensen and Elder Mondragon went to Iloilo last evening for leadership meetings of some sort. Hope we see all these Elders again before they head for home.

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