Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Miyerkoles ang dalawa (2)

Read scriptures this morning. Francis was in Culasi and couldn't come to teach us Kinaray-a this morning. We went to lunch at Tay Ingo, Brother and Sister Salazar's resto. It is a very nice place and the ambiance is wonderful. (Need to remember to ask Francis what Tay Ingo means.)

Brother Kib Beriong always photographs his food and posts it on Facebook. I am going to do the same here. Thought it might be fun. I have been having a really tough time with my gluten blisters lately and have begun a strict gluten free diet. It is hard to find a good meal here, but our opportunities to go to eat in places are the highlights of our days sometimes. I try to talk to the waiters/waitresses and we visit and sometimes we take a guest. 

This is tuna broiled and some rice with some of Sister Sessions' Chop Suey sauce added. I had a Mountain Dew, but a fly flew in the bottle about half way down. Sister S had Chop Suey, Pepsi and onion rings in tempura. The Tuna is very good.

Nice place. They also have private small cabanas for family dining outside the main resto. We like it, and we like Brother and Sister Salazar, so it is a double bonus.
Word came about 4:00 pm texted over the phone with names of Antique Zone missionaries transferring tomorrow morning. Elders Shaffer, Cabatuando, Christian, Christensen, Gaco, Mondragon, Ualat, Morgan, and Hopkins are transferring out, or over, or to new assignments . . . We will miss them, but look forward to meeting new missionaries. We were a little surprised, but pleased, that the Sisters remain unchanged.

We get to go out with Sisters Dotillios and Rappleye tomorrow evening to visit two men. One of them is a pigeon enthusiast. He raises homing pigeons. I asked them to take me to see this guy. I loved my pigeons. I had one little white female that was fast and who came straight home and right into the loft every time. I was always very careful not to shoot her by mistake when out training Dutch. I was pretty deadly on my pigeons, usually by mistake.

We walked this evening. There was dirt all over the track, the basketball courts and the tennis courts. We wondered how it all came into the grounds, and calculated that it was washed over the grounds from a flooding due to all the rain last night. Still, we wonder.

I have to read Malachi to finish the Old Testament. I am a few weeks behind, but the Old T was a real pain. They could have shortened it up easily by saying something like, "After Chronicles, the Children of Israel were scum suckers and paid no attention to the prophets. The Lord is coming soon. He is awfully merciful, but there are going to be some mighty changes in the not too distant future.REPENT." Think of all the paper that would have been saved. They could have thrown in an appendix with Isaiah and Daniel and thrown in a few stories about David and Elijah . . . Just sayin'.

Going at 7 in the morning to the jeephey/bus depot to see missionaries off.

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