Thursday, July 10, 2014

Biyernes and 10 Julio

Not sure if I am putting all the dates on correctly. I will check with Francis in the morning.

The computer was at President Amar's  for a couple of days getting fixed. For some reason, when we arrived in the Philippines, we had about half of our software programs. It is operating well now and everything works so much better.

Yesterday, we exercised prior to any rain storms. Francis came over at 9:00 and my mind was fried. Monday I was sharp and learned a bunch. I felt "leaning disabled" yesterday, not being able to remember anything I learned Monday. I am reviewing . . .  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Deulito was over yesterday. He brought us about 2 kilos of peanuts and 4 pineapples (way more that we needed). I buy the peanutes from him. He worked in the yard and did drive cleaning up. He does a great job and we are sure glad to have him come. It is good for him to make some pesos.

We took him to lunch at Chow King, then ran him back to Sibalom. He just got back from Tacloban, where he was able to find his family and many members from the branch where he was baptized. His family is alive and, mostly, well.

His branch is now a ward and he said nobody recognized him until he told them who his was. We still pray that his wife's heart will soften so she will let the girls attend church and hopefully, she will come as well.

I e-mailed Sister Aquino yesterday complete with photos of my sores and a full list of my meds. I hope she will contact the mission doctor and give me some help. It is miserable to have sores that won't heal and that keep popping up. I did get some medicine from the local "skin doctor" and it seems to be helping. I e-mailed Dr. Owsley, back home, and he increased my dosage of dapsone to 100 mg, but he wants me to get my blood checked weekly. I have no idea where or how to do that. Hoping to hear from the mission doctor to ask that question . . .
I painted today with Paulo and Rodell. Sunshine has to manage her mother's resort and we didn't want to paint there today, so Sunshine missed out. We will try to help her when we are able.
Rice planters outside of San Jose. Some farmers throw the seed by hand (a while back) and some plant sprouts. These folks were planting sprouts. The bend over all day, rain or shine. Then I suppose they pray that the monsoons will allow them to harvest in 90 days . . .

These ladies caught me photographing the group. People here love to be photographed, and she waved and smiled. I wish them well.

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