Sunday, July 27, 2014

Domingo ang 27

Did church this morning, then called Chancey to wish a belated Happy Birthday to Reagan. It was fun to talk to them, but the connection was poor. Probably the internet was busy as it was around noon here.

Had the worst night of my life last night. My stomach hurt so bad that I thought Sister Sessions would have to run me to the hospital, and that really scared me. I took some pills and got feeling some better and slept through after. We went to church and had good meetings.

Brother Beriong arranged for me to see a doctor tomorrow at 4:00 pm. We have to go to Iloilo in the morning early to meet with Elder and Sister Taylor and work on CLS testing. I think we can make it back in plenty of time. I really need to get all this figured out.

We had a good day yesterday in the service project. It wore me down and I got sicker, but we had a good time. I have got to get over this sickness. It sucks . . .
We did it the Pinoy way. We totally loaded the truck and rode missionaries on top, Sisters Rappleye and Dotillos. Hope President Aquino and Sister Aquino don't see this. I drove very slowly and they were safe. They enjoyed parade waving to the residents along the road.
The little lady in front of Sister Sessions was the one we were doing the service project for, at her house. Eleder Ortiz took the picture.

It was sort of a typical church service project, with little planning and not much thought. We parked up the hill from the ocean and could have filled our sacks with sand right from behind Elder Miguel, but noooooo. We walked down the hill and filled them, about 50 meters away and carried them up the hill to the truck. We took two loads, so the second load we behaved a little more intelligently and loaded from close. Glad the Sisters are strong to help us carry the bags. It wore me out. . .

Sister Winward and Rappleye showing their stuff.

Elder Miguel tried a twoski here. He got over that pretty fast. A few minutes later he had to drop out and get in the Air Con in the truck and drink water. The heat got to him. He was sweating huge drops . . . He got better after a rest.

Elder Ortiz. He is an animal . . .

Sister Viliami hauled a bunch of sacks. I'm thinking she is the toughest of us all. Tongan tough.

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