Sunday, November 2, 2014


Monday ang 3 Nobyembre

It has been a fun day thus far. I walked this morning and ran (double timed) 6 straight-a-ways and did a bunch of push-ups. I felt pretty good, but tomorrow morning I will be in trouble, arthritically speaking. I bought a bunch of bananas that are excellent.

We talked to Ryan and Cami and the girls, but could not see them. We talked to Chance and his family and to Amy and the kids. Brian is in the east. We tried to get Michael and his fam., but no connection. Tommy is Elk hunting, so we will try for them again in a few days.

We had a Philippines-wide broadcast last evening from Manila. Elder Oaks was here and brought with him Elder Robbins and Elder Cousse', first counselor in the Presiding Bishopric. Elder Arden, the Seventy over the area, was also there. Sister Arden and Sister Oaks spoke and all the authorities. Elder Oaks was the Area Authority here some 10-12 years ago and he spoke fondly of the area and the people.

The talks were great and the instruction. Scripture study, changing the culture to an LDS culture, paying tithes and offerings, advancing in the Priesthood serving missions were all emphasized. I took a good many notes and Elder Oaks gave about 19-20 specific things that ought to be done to change the culture, and ought to have been done, but have not been accomplished thus far. He gave the same specific things when he left as area president. Still, he was loving and kind and encouraging.

Francis was supposed to come teach Tagalog this morning, but he had played basketball with the Elders for P-day and he was worn out, so we made a new appointment. Sister Sessions has a cold, so she is napping now. We lunched at Santiago's and the Sisters have been over doing laundry. Not much happening . . . the weeks looks bleak. There are transfers and some changes, but we are not affected. We have district meetings tomorrow, then we have got to come up with something, visiting, something to fill the week.

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