Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bugasong Visit

Thursday ang 27 Noby

President Amar and I went to Bugasong to meet with and interview President Tandoy. There was a bit of rain, so we went to President T's so he wouldn't have to ride his motorcycle into town. We went to what passes for a church and met in what passes for his office.

We had a prayer and explained that Pres. Amar and I would serve as high counselors to Bugasong until suitable brethren can be called. We talked about training and the duties of a branch president. I left and let Pres. Amar interview as the District President. He told me later that Pres. Tandoy gave him a big grin at the end. It appeared to him that Pres. Tandoy was very pleased to finally get some training on how to be a branch president. 
This is the view from outside the Bugasong church address.
I took the presidents to lunch. I could eat nothing on the menu, so I grabbed two parks of peanuts from the truck and ordered Mountain Dew. That was lunch. They had, pancit, rice, eggs, a pizza, a halo halo each and Mountain Dews. Here is a very poor picture:
President Amar and I visited about customs all the way to Bugasong and part of the way home. Pres. Shared much of his life story as well. He is a very talented man. It was a good, valuable trip. It was good training for both presidents, and a good example of what high counselors must do if leadership is going to take hold here. We go back to Bugasong for meetings Sunday and we hope one of the meetings will be PEC and we will start focusing on visiting and inviting less actives back.

When we got back to San Jose, I Took Pres. home, then stopped at my favorite fruit stand. Mangos are sweetening and they have been getting some good big ones. I bought about four kilos and a bunch of bananas.
There is a typhoon going on right now. They say it is a low category, but it is like rainy season again. I like it. The cocks quit crowing and the dogs hide and quit barking. The rain is loud, but the temperatures are moderate. I believe the water is needed for rice. So, I am thankful. Thanksgiving at home, my favorite holiday. Here, not much happening holiday wise. Found out today that Tagalog does not use Halong (take care). Another surprise. In Tagalog it ia "ingat". Ingat po. 

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