Monday, November 24, 2014

Sunday and 23 Noby.

 Yesterday we exercised at the Binaraya track we saw missionaries and members. It was very busy. I painted a little, and read from the Doctrine and Covenants. 
I saw (imagined) this girl from the concrete wall outside the house, so I did a quick sketch/watercolor, and I liked it.
I saw her in the corner section. Maybe you will see her. On the wall she is not holding a flower. Tough to see her in this, but I am going to start looking more closely for inspiration in, and on, things that surround us. It is fun and satisfying.

We went to Leadership Meeting at 1:30. Only one branch president came, late. Pres. Amar taught n Strengthening the Aaronic Priesthood. There were many Aaronic Priesthood holders there and many branch leaders there from Sibalom, a few from San Jose, one from Culasi (Brother Francis) and one from Hamtic. The training was good, but disappointing because BP's ignored the invitation to come and learn how to "act"' Section 43:8-9.

Went to church at Sibalom, mostly to get information for President Aquino on young men who had been entered by their president for missionary application. There are four in Sibalom. I got the information and we enjoyed a good Sacrament Meeting, but I became sick about half way through and we came home after. Resting now and drinking water. Feeling some better.

A pretty sky this morning on the way to church.

I would like to be able to portray the skies of the Philippines in watercolor. Very beautiful skies here,almost every day. There are beauties at home too, especially sunsets, sunrises, and storms. 

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