Friday, November 14, 2014

15 Nobyembre

Saturday Morning
We walked this morning along the beach out of Hamtic. I had to drop videos off at the Elder's apartment from the wifi shop in San Jose. The shop folks were not able to get the complete download done last evening. We had a nice walk. It was a little tough on the knees walking on the slanting sand, but it was a good workout, in an beautiful place.

After Sister Sessions and I got home last evening from Tibiao/Culasi/Pandan, I went to Barangay Funda to find the Elders from Hamtic and go get videos made at the Wifi Cafe in San Jose. I met them at the waiting stand along the highway where I talked to these two guys carrying their roosters. Pictured here are the "winners". A dead cock lay on the table beside the shed. I pointed to him and said, "Looser?" They laughed and said yes. Through much struggle, I asked them how much they won with winners and the told me a thousand pesos. I couldn't get it across to ask how much for the loser. Maybe they only get to eat him.

Elders Tolentino and Tracy arrived at the shed and we went for several hours to get the videos made at the Wifi Cafe, pictured below.
Good missionaries here. Elder Tracy has been here only about 10 days. Elder Tolentino is a great trainer for him. We are going to see James this afternoon with them. We are pleased that they invite us to come along.

Pictured here are the fish catchers/scoops that I mentioned in the last entry. This is a small one. They make them about twice this size, but this man was pretty good at catching, one with the machine. . . Notice the pan on the rear that he can scoop out fist from the apex of the scoop. The other day, the little girl doing this wore the pan over her neepa hat. I wish I had the camera for that. I have made a vow to keep the camera with me at all times now.

Sister Sessions examining the sand. I don't think she enjoyed this walk as much as I did.

It was family bath time. Many families were at the beach washing themselves and their children. These families live up in neepa huts in the coconuts. The grinned and waved to us.

Fisherman coming in. I loved his sail. I helped him get his boat up on the beach. We each got on one side and lifted from the bamboo outrigger and carried it up on near the trees along the sand. The boat was very light. I asked, "How was the fishing?" He replied, "No fish." He had two little sardines in the bottom of his boat, so he was not successful this morning. 
Not much going today. There are baptisms in Culasi, Bugasong, and San Jose. We will teach with the Hamtic Elders and President Amar is coming over this evening to work on the computer, get some recipes from Sister S and I hope to talk to him a little about the upcoming leadership training. Made an appointment to meet President Aquino Monday to give him the Culasi Branch Application. That's it. . . 

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