Friday, October 31, 2014


Sabado ang pang-una

Tagalog . . . I am studying Tagalog with Francis. Sister Sessions has lost interest. We missed lessons for about three weeks, so I am going on and she is okay with that. I had a lesson yesterday and this morning at the church. We went to the Family History Center, but there were no visitors. We cleaned up after last night's Halloween Party/Branch Evening.

The missionaries had me work in the spook alley. We had cold spaghetti, cauliflower for brains, peeled grapes for eye balls, dried prunes for baby ears, and I did the old finger in the box trick for the finale. I told them, "Welcome to the meat shop. I have several fresh parts for your enjoyment . . . many of these items will go well with your pancit, or just as a snack." I did a quick paint-up with some acrylic paints I have here at the house. There is a spider on my forehead, not pictured.  And, I didn't get to close to the eyes. I have enough trouble.

Sister Sessions ran a fish pond for 9 year olds and under. I think it was a big hit. I built some bamboo fishing rods with string and clothes pins to hook in the candies. The kids Filipinos have never seen that old game. We went through a ton of candy.
We cleaned the chapel today and mopped the floors. Then we drove over to Sibalom to pick up some hymn books we had taken over for repair. There is a family there that does a super, inexpensive job of repair and rebinding. We did three books for Culasi as a test and they came out so well that we too 11 last Monday and picked them up today. We took in 12 more to exchange. It is amazing how they can refurbish the broken, torn books. 
 There is a typhoon off to the east. I understand Panay will receive rain, but the major portion of the storm is slated to pass north again. I snapped this pic out the window on the way to Sibalom. The mist at the base of the mountains was pretty, so I just grabbed a quick shot.

We have nothing going on today. Sister Sessions is washing clothes for Elder Lungren and Sister Winward. They go to Iloilo to the mission home to end their missions on Monday. They are gearing up. Should be about 25 new missionaries arriving Tuesday or Wednesday.

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