Monday, November 24, 2014

Martes ang 25 Noby

District meeting this morning. Elder Dacutan taught on being, "Fishers of Men". We had some good discussion. Elder Ramos brought up the faith moving mountains and that "mountains" may be taken metaphorically as something that appears large and immovable to us. I thought, "Yes, like Word of Wisdom problems, or debt, or sickness, or ??? What is our mountain? Faith in the Savior and His Atonement can move our mountain and level the thing. 

Elder Oaks spoke sometime ago on Fishers of Men and said we needed to have our line in the water if we wanted to catch fish. The missionaries, often, complain about being too shy and not opening their mouths tofind new investigators. They are sometimes not obedient, and they don't keep their lines in the water. Some reported good things this morning about talking to many every day. It is paying off for them. Their lines spend more time in the water. 

Good meeting. Then they started practicing for the Christmas Party. They will perform a dance and a skit. They worked on the dance today. Here are some pics:
Elders Kellerstrass, Asi, Tracy, with Elder Ramos in the foreground.
Kind of fuzzy, But this is Elder Robertson, Sister Crisanto in back, and. Blurry Sister Ribelinon the right.
Elder Robertson, Elder Orr standing and Sister Haun looking on.
Dancing up a storm. Elder Chapman in the rear right. Elder Ducutan, our district leader and Elder Chapman's Companion in the white T-shirt middle. 

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