Monday, November 3, 2014

District Meeting Day

Martens ang 4th

Bad news this morning. I always begin my day, rolling out of bed to my knees to talk to Ama. Then I grab the I pad and head to the head. . . Brush teeth, shave, check e-mail, shower and find my pills for the day. E-mail from Amy held bad news. . . Kristy Cannon died. We have seen little of her over the years, but she was a favorite. Michael and Kristy's son, Jeff did some amazing crazy things, often involving climbing and balance. She moved back to Idaho not long ago and we looked forward to reuning with her and Matsuokas upon our return.

We did Home Evening last night. I must admit that our family has never been a real home evening family. Elder Ardern and his wife spoke Sunday night to the Phillipines members and mentioned how they did their home evenings. Sister Sessions and committed to a similar practice. We prayed and watched President Monson's welcome to Conference and President Packers talk, and we discussed what we felt. I appreciated Pres. packer's talk so much more last evening than when I first heard him. It appears that the lessons from the prophets are scripture when the Holy Ghost prevails upon them. Like the scriptures, each time we read/hear, we hear more, we see different things, the Lord's words and ways are revealed. We then had prayer again and told Heavenly Father we wanted to continue this practice. It is simple and we can do it with no fuss. I do recommend FHE to my family and friends. Just keep it simple.

We have district meeting this morning. Sister Sessions has cake for two missionary birthdays. After that. . . I hope The Lord will guide us into something we might do today. We will pray for Kristy's family.

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