Monday, November 24, 2014


Lunes ang 24 Nobyembre
We skipped a zone rehearsal for our Christmas skit, but I am going to play King Noah. . . how hard can it be to portray a wine bibber? I can do that. We had to go to Iloilo. We were out of about everything.

It was a beautiful day. The air even cooled a bit for he evening drive back.
Pictured is the morning sky out over Anini-y. We had an enjoyable drive in after my Tagalog lesson. The lesson was good. I am very slow and realize that I will not achieve fluency in any of the language, but it is fun to understand a few things being said around us.

We hit MacDonald's and went to SM to try and find a filter for the kitchen sink. No luck. We hit the National bookstore and bought two fun gifts for the Christmas gift exchange. We went to Robinsons in Iloilo Proper for groceries and to check the hardware store for a filter. No filter, but we bought some things we really need, but I forgot pickles. . . 

Some pictures from the walk over the street from the parking lot into Robinson's. 

We got home, unpacked our treasures and did our Family Home Eve. We watched another talk from Conference.  We watched Elder Chi Hong Wong's talk on rescuing through the work of the ward council. It was very appropriate and timely for me. 

Pres. Amar and I are going to Bugasong Branch to interview the Bugasong Pres on Thursday. And, we hope to train a little at the same whack. Elder Wong's talk describes exactly where we are heading. Bugasong was once a thriving, growing branch. No idea what happened, but it is about ready to fold up. We will use Luke 2 and the handbook to guide us. Pres. Amar and I have been assigned to act as high counselors to Bugasong until permanent men can be called. 

James attended church at Hamtic yesterday. Step 1 in attendance accomplished. Tomorrow is district and we can ask how he enjoyed the meetings. 

We are told that there will be a "brown-out" Saturday from 7-5. We will likely go back to Iloilo for the day. We still need to find a filter, and we are hoping to see our cargo from Amy.

Speaking of Amy. . . Tomorrow (in America) is her birthday. I know it was a while back, but it still feels like a short time. Much has changed since that day. Our family has grown exponentially. Amy has children of her own and she is a superb mother. She has made it possible for us to go on another mission by managing all our stuff. What a blessing she has been to us. 

She is bright, has a wonderful sense of humor. She has become pretty tough. She is a hard worker and empathetic to those who have greater trials than we. As a father, I could not ask for more. I don't have any idea what I would ask. I know The Lord loves her and she is considered a daughter by Him because of her deep belief in Him and her reception of Him through the "Gospel". See Doctrine and Covenants 39:4-6. She is there.

We wish you, Amy, our sweet daughter, a wonderful day. Fill it with fun and joy and love; things wherein you have become masterful. Love You. Dad and Mom 

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