Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday the 29th

Sabado ang 29 Nobyembre

Mabuhy (live long, actually "long live", a wish for long life for others) . . .We had a forewarning by James regarding the all day brown-out scheduled for today. We arose early, walked, prepared breakfast and left for Iloilo for the day.

We had a nice drive and stopped at the mission office to drop off cargo and some luggage one of the sisters borrowed to transfer here to Antique. We went to the Atrium for groceries and we finally found a fishing shop. I bought a rod, reel, some leader, hooks, sinkers and a small box to carry my gear. It was pretty cheap, about 1/3 the price of back home, or less. I am pumped to go fishing on Monday. I think I will try my luck at Dao. The guy at the fishing shop gave me the name and number of a guy in Anini-y who one can hire to take one out fishing. I will probably go by myself for fun, or take a few missionaries that have been trying to fish on Mondays. We will see.

We had a nice lunch and stopped back at the mission home to see if they have any fans for the Elders in Antique. They did not, so we fixed a soft drink in the parking lot and hit the highway. By the time we walked in the door, the power was working fine and the coolers are going strong.

River skyline in Iloilo coming back from lunch. I'm thinking some rich folks live along hererk
Yesterday we took James to the family history library at San Jose Chapel. We picked up the missionaries  at their house headed to the chapel. We (mostly they, Elders Tolentino and Tracy) helped James find a good deal of information on his ancestors. The important thing for us to go was, I have the keys to the building and library. Sister Sessions did her think cleaning the building and the Elders hooked-up James with a user name and password for Family Search. org and I think he really enjoyed the experience. He found a lot of information and got confirmation that his grandfather changed their name when he landed in America from Sicily. James found even the name of the ship aboard which his grandfather entered New York at Ellis Island. It was really fun for all of us, especially James. . He has the Spirit of Elijah already. We had a good time.

Hamtic. This is a favorite place for me to park and check the skies or to take a walk on the beach.

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