Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Ang 5th

District meetings yesterday. We talked about hastening the work mostly. I had the handbook presentation. I talked about page Meetings, page 63. I believe we need to take our district, zone meetings way more seriously and use them to train, inspire, charge batteries. . .

We went to James house with the Hamtic Elders and taught the Law of Chastity. He is on top of it, with similar beliefs as the church. No problems there, or with the Word of Wisdom, it appears. I ran him through the baptism interview questions; to show the missionaries how to use the questions in conjunction with the baptism invitation, checking for understanding, and general preparation for baptism. James did well and we found out that he did not know who Pres. Monson's is, so we can teach that, and he has never heard of tithing. Next lesson is outlined by using the interview to probe. He is progressing. On the way to his house, we ran into their local Barangay fiesta. It added about half hour to the drive as we could not pass.

Today Francis is coming over to study Tagalog with me. I read that a general authority promised missionaries that if they read the BoM in the language of their mission, they would know the language by the end of the reading. I started reading last night. . . Whoa! It actually got a little, and I enjoyed the Spirit, I think. It was comfortable, is the way I would describe the feeling, but I have far to go. 

Elder Shaffer's Ike. He asked me to paint something to remember his mission by.

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