Thursday, November 13, 2014


Friday the 14th:

I prayed and worried about my plight with the Filapino poor. Then, I am sure it was the Holy Ghost, told me to share the Gospel with them. That will, somehow, make things well.

I now sit and ponder this message. I know that if they come unto Him, that if they are faithful, He will prosper them in the land. I don't always think that means financial blessings, but they will have the Priesthood and He will bless them to be okay (strengthen them, make their food more nutritious, whatever He does . . . His thoughts being higher than ours and His ways higher than ours). If they act, He will bless them. I am falling into line here.

I believe it. Thanks be unto Him for a message of comfort to me, and some direction. I will work with patience to invite others to come unto Him.

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