Thursday, October 2, 2014


Biyernes ang 3rd

Nothing up today. Djulito came over this morning and cleaned. He tells us Lily and his daughters are getting baptized at the end of October, or early November. He wasn't exactly sure, and then there is the language barrier. It is exciting nonetheless.
We ran Dulito over to Sibalom and then went to get some groceries at Gysano's. We picked up a few items for the Elder's apartments as well. We found a few mangosin town,  and got a little money from the bank. We stopped at Leo's for ice cream and to see Domingo on the way home.

Domingo said he is reading the BoM every night. And he said he was talking to "the boss" every night too. I told him when we took him the BoM that it was from the boss. He got it. What a good guy. We had a fun talk while we ate ice cream.
Our appointment with James fell through. We have nothing going on for the rest of today. We are waiting for a guy to come check the air con at 4:00. We have nothing for tomorrow either. Boring . . .

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