Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Huwebes afternoon . . .

We went to inspect apartments this morning. We had a pretty good time and the morning weather was beautiful. On the way home, the weather changed, but it has been a good day.

Elder Ananga foreground and Elder Asuro, from Sibalom, outside the Bugasong house. They were getting ready to split and we have them a ride to Bugasong after inspecting their place. Elder Ananga is from the Marshall Islands.

Sibalom backing up the Bugasong Elders . . Left to right: Elder Olivar, Elder Sumiran, Elder Maneja (district leader), Sister S, and Elder Panganiban. Good group.

At Culasi . . .Sister S checking on what kind of cookies the Elders want for having a "celestial" apartment. Elder Kimball on the right is nearing the end of his mission, training the new Elder Kellerstrass.

Culasi B at the back, Elder Boligao and Elder Robertson (new Elder) and Elder Guzman and the going home Elder Anderson. They cover Tibiao. All earned cookies.
 Sister Sessions and I stopped at Mama Mia's for lunch after inspections. We had a nice lunch and headed back to San Jose.
Comin' up a storm. The wind was blowing, but not cooling the place. The white caps were rising and the sky was gathering. Very pretty, but the locals were scurrying to get their rice off the ground and bagged before the storm hit.

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