Thursday, October 30, 2014


Biyernes ang 31

We went to Iloilo yesterday and bought groceries and took hard copies of Sister Mila's mission papers to President Aquino. We picked up some cargo and went to the Atrium (grocery store in Day's Inn). We met Elder and Sister Robinson there and visited and shopped, then we met the Robinsons at Uncle Tom's Resto out near SM.

Sister Robinson told us about this place. It is an actual steak house, with Australian and local beef. We all  had a porterhouse from Australia, potato salad and a soft drink. It was very good and we loved it. I used A-1 sauce on the steak and it was great. I never put sauce on a steak, but it looked so like home.

We went over to see Robinson's apartment. I liked it. It is smaller than we have, but it is not in a compound and we just close off two bedrooms anyway. Robinsons are here on a mission for PEF/Self Reliance. They will teach members how to start a business and grow it and be successful with their skills, professions, hobbies. It is a great program and they are excited to help the Filipinos get it going. It will be a great blessing to them.

They are from Idaho, Utah, and Washington. He was in the grocery business and they have traveled widely. Nice people and they are well and doing a hundred.

 We got home a little late, but it was an enjoyable day and we had little to do in the way of missionary work, so it was a good prep. day.

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