Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sabbath Day

Conference at San Jose the last two days. We started with Priesthood Meeting Sat. morning at 8:00 am. Very few came. The missionaries and a few of the district leaders and a very few branch presidency members were there. I don't think I saw any branch presidents, or counselors in the District Presidency.  Sad turn-out.

Morning session was equally poorly attended, but a few sisters showed up beside the missionaries. Afternoon was about the same. 

This morning there were many from Culasi and some from the other branches. I did see three branch presidents and a bunch of Relief Society officers. We went home to lunch. When we returned, all the chairs in the cultural hall were picked up and stacked. We asked why. "Oh, everybody always goes home after the morning session," was the reply. We did not remember that from April. We remember Priesthood and Saturday being similar. Certainly, we had hoped for improvement. I heard President Aquino tell the members after April Conference, "It should be a Holy Day, not a holiday."

Those who missed, really did miss. It was a powerful Conference. There seemed an air of urgency, to me. The urgency seemed to do with covenants (Sacrament particularly), keeping commandments, not buying into contention, teaching children, prayer, study, rescuing the poor and needy, and for all to Come Unto The Savior. Elder Bednar's talk was fun and as he would say, interesting and informative. 

D. Todd Christofferson was eloquent, and the doctrine of which he spoke was deep. Elder Robbins was much refined and I liked his talk very much. Sister Esplin and Elder Hamula were wonderful regarding Sacrament. Elder Holland was killer. Elder Oaks was memorable and there is wonderful utility for us in steering away from contention. President Eyring, this morning was also killer. 

The Conference seemed more plain than usual. There didn't seem to be any festive air about the gathering. I wondered if, like little old me, all are seeing the weather, catastrophes, wars, and inhumanities and silliness in world governmental decisions as harbingers of what is to come. There appeared to be urgency in many voices to Come Unto Him, now. Maybe it was because it is the semi-annual. But it seemed mostly, as Elder Holland said, "The Lord means business."

I want to read the talks now and make more notes.  Also, like Elder Hales, I want to research and read the final testimonies of the Prophets, as many as I can find. Zenos' and Zenock's testimonies in Alma 33 I found this morning again. I always love these and I want to look them up for instruction. . . Down the road a ways. 

Great Conference     

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