Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 17

Biyernes and 17th
We went to Iloilo South yesterday, checking apartments. We started in Tiolas and worked into Molo and Arevalo. The apartments were quite good. The Arevalo Sister's apt was okay lang. Three companionships live there and a couple of the sisters are getting a might trunky, so obedience is slipping a bit, but they all earned cookies from Sister Sessions for "celestial" rating.

We saw some of our favorite guys yesterday and had a fun lunch at MacDonalds and bought groceries.
Elder Mondragon on the left. He is one of the "Dao Angels" and a favorite of ours. He is a good man and fun. He lost his badge in a jeepney about 15 minutes prior to his picture. He was doing a split in Miag-ao with Elder Victoriano, another good man, but it was the first time we met him. These are veteran missionaries and Elder Mondragon goes home in December. We will miss him.

Elder Ortiz with a new Elder Stevens. Elder Ortiz is an AP and he and his AP companion, Elder Singley, have extended and will not go home until December. Elder Stevens is new here. He is from Hawaii. His parents were born in Hawaii, but are Filapino blood. He seems a good man. Elder Ortiz is training him to be the mission secretary.
We bought some groceries and loaded a little cargo at the mission office and drove on back in the late afternoon. I had planned to swim, but when we got back, but we were bushed, so we just stayed in the apartment and read and went to bed.

Today Djulito is cleaning the place and we will go to lunch with him. His wife is being baptized tomorrow and we look forward to that ant Church in Sibalom on Sunday. We are scheduled to teach James in Hamtic with the Hamtic Elders this afternoon. Reading the BoM this morning and writing a bit.

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