Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Huwebes 9 araw sa October

We went to Iloilo yesterday. Elder Swan, at the office, made an appointment for us to get the Ranger serviced at Iloilo Ford. I got a text from Ford night before last to not be late. We got up a little earlier than usual and got on the road, arriving at Ford about 15 minutes early. Bear in mind that this was for an oil change. They told me it would be 3:00 pm when we could get the car back. I told them no. They wanted to know what I could do. I told them we would wait til noon, two hours away. They wanted to negotiate for 2:00. I picked the keys off the desk and we left. That is the last I will deal with them.

There is a wonderful Nissan Garage here in San Jose that will do the work for me for 1/3 the cost and do it in about an hour (because the filter is tough to get at. The front wheel has to be removed for access to the filter)

We went to Robinson's and to the Atrium (grocery stores). Who knew that grocery stores would be such a thrilling place to spend the day. We went to MacDonalds for lunch. (Curly fries art better than regular here in Panay.) The MacDonalds we go to has been little known. It is new, but it is becoming more and more crowed each time we go. Many medical people go there from the hospital and colleges not far distant.

We went to the mission office and turned in our reports to Elder Swan and reported on our Ford appointment. I know President likes to have the car serviced at the dealer, but for the treatment and price, I will watch over this vehicle closely and I know the guys at Nissan can do a fine job.

I saw President Villoso in the mall outside Robinson's grocery. We had a nice chat and he told me of several places that we could get oil changed for 3000 P and it takes about 15 minutes. More like it . . .

We bought some mangoes and bananas at a little vender we stop by in Iloilo. I ate two mangoes a few minutes ago and they were very good. It is not exactly the season, but the fruit sellers keep finding them and they are my favorite breakfast with soft boiled eggs. . .  sounds strange, but I like it. 

We are off to the north today, checking apartments in Sibalom, Bugasong, and Culasi. It will take most of the day with all the driving and lunch. Lunch takes about an hour and a half. They bring one thing at a time, one meal at a time. Often one of us is done while the other just receives their food. They must operate out of a limited kitchen.

Some pictures of the last few days . . . Zone Conference, some guys striping the highway (all by hand) . . .
Couldn't get the whole zone. Wrong lens.

Elder Ramos giving his portion of the training.

Four guys work right up the middle of the traffic. One on each end, moving the cones and the metal template, two painting the stripes by hand. I can't help wonder how many kilometers they can complete in a day.

They do the side stripe too. First they shovel the dirt off, sweep with a little stiff broom, and then paint. Don't know why they paint. Nobody pays any attention to the lines. You are looking at a four lane here (depending on time of day and day of the week).

Mountain lady, I think. I just threw her and her children in. I am bummed that I got the glare. I was thinking of painting her.

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