Monday, October 6, 2014

Tues. Morn

Martens ang 7
Ryan's birthday yesterday. We thought of him often and hope he had fun. It was P-day.

The missionaries came and washed clothes through the day. I took 6 paintings to the new hospital for an art show. I met a man there bringing some of his collection to display. He is an architect here in Antique. It was fun talking with him and I hope to have more contact with him and the art community here. 

We had a nice lunch at Santiago's. I did my coresponance with President Aquino. I reported to he and Pres. Villoso regarding District and Branch Presidents Meeting Sunday afternoon. It was a pretty good meeting and Pres. answered several questions that I can pass back to those men. Three of the five branch presidents did not attend, but some sent counselors. We attended church at Culasi and ran supplies to them. The little building was overflowing. It was okay. Pretty good Sabbath.

Sister Sessions cleaned a little. I epoxied the blade back to the handle on my bolo. It flew apart when Djulito was using it last week. The neighbor told me I should have bought one from the Sibalom Market. He said that they have the best bolos. Interesting.

I painted a little and read the scriptures in the afternoon and Sister S looked at the facebook and played mahjong on the I pad and read scriptures. That was our day.

I was going to get the truck washed, but decided to wait until this afternoon. We have to take it to Iloilo tomorrow for servicing and for inspection, so I will get it cleaned today.

Today, this morning, we have Zone/district meeting. The zone leaders want me to bear testimony after several days of thinking about, and praying about my testimony, I think. I guess they will give another a few minutes to think about it and another will be asked to go impromptu. They will compare perhaps. I am not clear on the purpose. Whatever. 

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