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Ang 29th

We attended district meetings yesterday. Monday evening, the district leader texted us and told us we were to teach Preach My Gospel page159 on finding. They seem to have a difficult time finding people to teach. If they were a bit more obedient, they would be busier than they could ever imagine. Sister Sessions taught first and used the scriptures in the section and told of a few stories she had saved of missionaries finding, or not finding because the did not talk TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON THEY MEET.

We put on the board when we arrived, for a meeting theme: "SELECTION IS DONE BY THE HEART OF THE HEARER, NOT THE MIND OF THE SHARER." Don't know where this was said, or by whom. I read it someplace . . .

I used 2 Corinthians 9:6-7. Paul, being a super missionary, gave the key here. I added a few ideas about having fun "talking to everyone you see, looking at being punted as an opportunity to go talk to more people, the 90% principal (work 90% of your time, and don't sit at your apartment, or worry about social functions or planning same, or writing talks, or whatever else can occupy time that can be rationalized as important). I talked about talking to 100 people every day, without fail. If they do that, they will have meaningful OYM's and find those that are prepared . . . The wicked will be offended by your approach . . . The worldly will not care . . . The celestial candidates will welcome you and be thankful you found them. Mathematics: 100 each day, 700 a week, in a 30 day month . . . 2100 people you have invited to come unto Christ. Out of 2100, companionships are bound to find the elect. Think of this as minimum, not maximum.

I talked and demonstrated the BoM loan plan: Introduce yourself to people, ask them if they believe in Jesus Christ. Ask if they know much about him. Ask if they would like to know a great deal about Him. When you find one that is interested, tell them that you have a book . . . show them the Book of Mormon. Treat it with respect and handle it as a sacred text ought to be handled. Tell the person that they can borrow the book if they will read in it. If they are willing to read, get their name and address and check the book out to them, telling them you will check back with them to see how they are doing. FOLLOW UP ON THEM. If they are not reading, take the book back and check it out to someone else. If they are reading and are faithful to find out what's in the book, then give them the book as a gift. (I believe this process was suggested by President Ezra Taft Benson)

We talked about singing to people. Filipinos love music and song and they will listen to you and it is a fun opening to conversation.

We talked about the Elders tucking in their ties and playing basketball with the youth (they play everywhere here). They are to have fun with them, but never win. Always lose by at least 1 basket. Then tell the youth you will be back to try them tomorrow . . . Tell them who you are and what you are doing and ask if you can come back and play and teach them the next day... Be Creative. As Paul stated in 2Cor9:7, be a cheerful giver . . . smile and have fun sharing the Gospel with others. Be genuine, but have a good time. We offer the best message anyone could ever receive. Be happy.

We talked about using the day properly. In Antique, the place shuts down at dark. People don't want unsolicited visitors. So, plan your day to start early and do studies at night. Use P-day as a finding day. In your exercise activities.Include onlookers in your games and have fun with them and get to know them. You will make friends, and friends are great to teach and ask for referrals. President is okay with this, leaders just need to let him know what they are doing, then carry out their plan.

There were other ideas too, but it all boiled down to talk to everyone you see . . . I hope it was information that they will use. I hope it was valuable.

I told them the fun story of the Elders in Alabama practicing dropping the BoM into the hand of the companion Elder from a second story apartment walk. One would knock on the door, "Hello, I am Elder  . . .  from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I have a special message from Heavenly Father, just for you." The Elder raises his hand and the Elder above drops the book into his had from above. It took practice, but the people in the apartment were surprised, then delighted, and the Elders had the fun of talking and often, teaching the people. Creativity is essential to having fun while remaining genuine. There are a zillion ways to meet and OYM people.

After meeting, we gathered the broken books in the building after meetings and took them to Sibalom to a book binder guy who does a super job, cheap. We had him do a couple of books from Culasi a few weeks ago and the guy made them look brand new for 140 pesos. We took about a dozen in yesterday and he will have them ready Friday. We will then replace and bring the others.

Last evening, I had the fun of helping President Gindap learn how to enter youth names into the computer to begin mission papers. He is a good man. There are now 6 entered into begin their paper prep.

This morning, Sister Sessions and I walked at the track. We were a little late and the sun was well up on the track. It dang near killed me. I took a cool down lap after my two laps of controlled staggering and began to  roast. I am still sitting in front of the fan trying to get cooled enough to shower. Today I meet with the District Presidency at 2:00. That, unfortunately, is the entire plan for the day.

When I read over this, it seems like we are busy. We are not. I suppose we need to be more creative ourselves.
Few pics from Cebu trip:
Squatter's huts under the bridge.

Cocaliong boats that run between islands. We traveled on one of these, or one just like them.

Magellan's cross, encapsulated in modern wood. I took the picture to show the art on the ceiling of the stone building that housed the cross.
My noon meal at the Patron House at the temple. It was pretty good actually . . . needed salt terribly. Sister Sessions ate a slice of watermelon.
Print of Minerva Teichert's painting in the Patron House. I like her work. There are several in the temple and a really cool painting in the Matron's office of children and their grandmother in a flower bed. Matrons seem to have the coolest paintings of children, The Savior, or He and children together in their offices. Of course, one cannot photograph them.
More Patron House art.

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