Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Martes ang 21

We went to Iloilo yesterday to help with CLS testing for the going home missionaries. It was good to see several of them again and to help them toward a certificate for English speaking. Hopefully it will assist them in finding jobs. English speakers here have the better jobs, for certain.

We went to MacDonald's with the other senior missionaries and we went to the Atrium for a few groceries. We deposited Taylors near the wharf for their boatride home. I forget how many times they have ridden the boats over their time here. over a 140 times thus far, I believe.

When we got back to San Jose, there was a brown-out going on. We opened the windows and sat and read by flashlight. It was actually pretty fun. When the power came back on about 9:30, I just kept on going with my Sherlock Holmes. I sit on the bed, read and snack on some gummi bears. Pretty fun. It was nice to get the air con back though.

Iloilo pics:
Worker on his way home from work.

Worker still at it. Not sure why they cover their faces . . . it may be the Ninja look.

There is a Chinese influence in the architecture and much Chinese blood here. I believe they have been the most prosperous financially and it appears that people of Chines descent own the banks and businesses and much of the land. There are several old mansions that definitely have Chinese influence. This roof just caught my eye when we dropped the Taylors off.
I am always watching for people and things to photograph and landscapes. Often what I thought was something really cool turns out to be pretty mundane when I get it loaded on the computer. I want to paint much of what I see, so I hope to use it in the future when I get looking for subject matter. Many of the native artists have painted some really neat pictures of native women, nepa huts, carabao, workers . . .

I took these while driving along. The little camera takes pictures that the computer will not download to Facebook, so I am using the big camera. But I have taken some I wish I could share.

We are preparing to go to Cebu tomorrow to the temple with the youth. I hope to have lots of pictures of the travelers and boat travel that I plan to add to my journal Thursday.

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