Tuesday, October 14, 2014


14 Oktubre, Martes

Yesterday I got the truck serviced and washed. I found my medicine and w searched and found a few mangoes that I love for breakfast. We found some T-shirts that the Elders want to use to make a district t-shirt. We found two at the market for 20 pesos each. Sister S washed them and we got them to the district leader. Lunch and Guisano's, and that was pretty much our day. I walked to and from taking the truck around, so I did get some exercise.

Today we had district meetings. It was not so great. They asked me to do the presentation from the handbook. I did page 36, Communicating with Converts.  I encouraged them to add using texts and facebook to keep in touch and share spiritual messages to assist others to stay "in the way." After that Elder Chapman led us in recitation. I am worried about that young missionary. Can't put my finger on it exactly, but he is struggling and I don't know if he has the wherewithal to handle the situation. But, he seems to be getting better.

The lesson was about having a vision. We have a Mission Vision, and the Zone Leaders went over having a Zone vision last week. I know strategic planning is valuable, but I believe we are going a bit overboard. The DL played some baptist minister recording/CD to talk about vision. I was pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing. We have a vision for missionary work recorded in the Handbooks and in Preach My Gospel. I believe that if the missionaries work the strategic plan the Lord has laid out for them, life will go well. They claim to be struggling . . .  Back to basics.

We didn't have time to exercise this morning, so I went to the track to walk after meetings. When I went past the pool, I noticed it was open and the sun was getting pretty strong, so I stopped and inquired. In short, I paid the 20 pesos and had the pool to myself. I put in about 55 minutes of swimming, jogging, and exercises in the water. I really enjoyed it and got their hours of operation and will certainly go back. We will try to walk some and swim some. I am like a noodle right now, but I am not stiff yet. Swimming is a fine work-out for me.

NIce cool water and all by myself.
 We went to the hospital art show yesterday afternoon. I took 6 pieces, cheaply framed. There were a good many pieces, but Rodel and Paulo didn't enter any. I don't know if it is a competition, but we are allowed to sell the art. There were a lot of acrylics and a few pastels. There were some really neat oils and cross stitch, I think it is called. Few watercolors, mine only, and the drawing of the old lady. It was fun to see the art.

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