Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pebrero 1

Sabbath Day. I took President Amar and Mark Cabreros to Bugasong to work on their accounts and audit. It was a nice day, hot but windy. The noise outside was terrible; truck and buses passing and a guy across the street working on his motorcycle. Every few minutes he started the engine and ran the rpms up so high we could not hear testimonies.
This is the chapel at Bugasong. We had picked up the chairs and left a circle for the branch council to meet in a while.
 For some reason, ignorance of the handbook I expect, I was asked to bless and name two babies today. What a surprise, and it was an honor, but . . .

One little girl was there for confirmation. The counselor did that. As it turned out, the little girl and one of the babies' father was there. I asked the missionaries what priesthood the man held. They told me he was a Melchizedek Priesthood holder, but was less active. I told them that the father should have done all the ordinances and the next time there is any question to call me, or the mission president and get help, but the rule of thumb is the father will preside always in his family. We will teach the branch presidency and the missionaries at Zone Conference about this, so they really don't need to consult me or the mission pres. It is a good lesson for them, but I was sorry for the father. I was delighted to help and hold little baby boys, but I feel like a robber.
This is Francis Celestial. Named and blessed this morning.

This guy is Precy (pree cee) Roy Galecia. This is the guy whose father ought to have named and blessed him. His father promised me that he would be there and ready to baptize Precy.
Sister S fixed potatoes and meat balls for dinner to end our fast today. It was great. Now we hope to get some rest.

Last night, somewhere in the barangay, the music and bass drummed from 10 pm until about 5-5:15 this morning. I asked Pres. Amar if there are not ordinances to protect the citizens from such inconsiderate behavior. It seems that there is not, as long as the group has a license from the municipality to party or fiesta, they can disturb everyone else at will. Sucks, is the word. Anyway, we are worn out. It has been a good Sabbath.
Tomorrow, in America, is Tommy's Birthday. We wish him the best and we love and miss him and his family. I will slap it on facebook right now.

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