Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Huebes ang 15 sa Enero

We went to Sibalom to start apartment checks this morning at 8:00. We had a good time and the Elder's apartments were pretty much excellent. Sister S gave all of them a bag of cookies, their choice between Chips Ahoy and Oreos.

We traveled to Bugasong, then to Tibiao and on to Culasi. We had lunch at Mama Mia's and it was a good one. It was the best we have had there, or I was particularly hungry, or both.

It has been a nice day. I read that a storm was coming, a baggio, but it has not shown yet. The report also said it might turn north and not come to Philippine land. There were some major clouds building over the mountains, but no rain or wind. I like the rain and wind to cool the place down.

At Mama Mia's. It is actually the first time since we have been here that I wished I had my shorts to go swimming. The water looked so clean and inviting up this far north.

Light day. Usually the jeepney would be squatted down with people stacked all over the top and inside. Pretty colorful rig though, so I snapped it off.

We tried texting to arrange for Sister Malarga to go teaching with the San Jose Sisters soon, but there is such a language barrier that I am not sure what is what. We will keep trying. She doesn't report to the mission home and the MTC until the 29th, so there is time. She is a sweetheart and she will be a fine missionary.

Finished reading 2 Nephi 25 to the end yesterday. What powerful chapters. Today I started into Jacob, only reading to the end of Chapter 3. It was sort of strange to spend all that time with the Prophet Nephi and then to have him die so suddenly. Jacob 1:12 . . ."And it came to pass that Nephi died." That's it.

It came to me, dense as I am, that in Jacob Chapter 3, the "pure in heart" are sometimes vile sinners. But they have a heart that feels and ears to hear. And, "The pure in heart receive the pleasing word of God." (Summary note at the beginning of chapter 3.) When they do, they make changes, or in another words, they repent, and keep receiving the pleasing word of God. His words become delicious to them.

 Pure in heart does not necessarily mean clean hands and a proper prior life. It is fun to meet a person with a pure heart. They recognize the Gospel immediately, the "pleasing word of God." And we know that the Lord has been watching for them to come unto Him. He loves the pure in heart and I believe he is overjoyed when He sees them accept His Doctrine. 

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