Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday ang 13 Enero

This morning I read 2nd Nephi for about an hour before we went to the district meetings. Only we and the Dao Elders were on time. I was fried. They asked me to do the handbook presentation. I took them to the bottom of page 13 . . . regarding time. I told them that I knew they thought I was a crusty old grumpy guy, but that the church does not work being late for everything. I asked them to start being examples of being on time for everything, church, appointments, baptisms . . .

The FM has been working on the San Jose Chapel. This morning they were painting the steeple.
Sister S and I had little to do today. We talked about problems . . . that is an everyday thing. I wish we could come up with solutions, but that is up to leaders. Until then, I guess we will struggle along and try to sustain our leaders the best we can.

We went to Chow King for lunch. I overdid it on rice. I have to back off that stuff. The guy who washed the car today told me I was "Chubby" as he patted my gut after I gave him his tip. We laughed, but he is right. The rice has got to be the culprit, but I am limited here.

We walked at Hamtic this evening. It was pretty warm and the tide was way in. There is a baggio coming in from the East. The weather ought to be very pleasant for the next week. The temperatures are supposed to be down in the high 70's. The humidity will still be high. The wind is supposed to reach as high as 19 mph. It will be a sweet week for being outdoors. The rain will likely be intermittent.
Selfie as we started out our walk.

On the way back, we ran into these little beans and I had to photograph them and and the guy who was watching over them. They loved it and thanked my for taking their picture . . . I wonder why. I thanked them.

Not much going on tomorrow, at all. I do have a linguahe lesson with Pres. and I have written my assignment, which I know will be full of errors. We will do apartment checks Thursday and Saturday we have meetings with the Self-Reliance Missionaries. We look forward.

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