Monday, February 2, 2015

Pebrero ang 3rd

3:20 pm
We had zone conference with new Zone Leaders this morning. I even took a little time talking about fathers naming and blessing babies, baptizing their children, ordaining to the Priesthood and standing in when not exactly temple worthy. It was a good lesson for many and it opened some minds to the handbook and how important it is for leaders to read and find out. I hope to share the same message in the next leadership training for the district. I think they are getting tired of hearing from me.

New Zone leaders seem serious and seem like obedient men. Here is a zone pic, including some of the new missionaries who have just come to Antique. It is good to have them. Interesting how quickly new guys become veterans and start training. . .
Left to right/back to front: Elder Abanilla, Elder Nocom, Elder Olivar, Elder Goronel, Elder Orr, Elder Swanton, Elder Tracy, Elder Kellerstrass, Elder Larson, Elder Christensen, Elder Dorman, Elder Chapman, Elder Folsom, Sister Crisanto, Sister Smith, Sister Sessions, Geeze, Sister Fantone, Sister Fepuleai, Elder Soon, Elder Robertson, Elder Habala (ZL), Elder Egama, Elder Daniel, Elder Borboran, Elder Estradam and Elder Wadman (ZL)

Left, Elder Christensen visiting with the ZL's

Left, Elder Larson and Elder Christensen looking over

Elder Folsom and Elder Dorman enjoying birthday cake for Elders Soon and Wadman.

Elder Christensen is from Logan, Utah and Elder Dorman is from Nampa. Both seem to be doing well. Elder Abanilla is new and comped with Elder Tracy. He seems to be fitting right in with the others.

We went to the house after the meeting with Elders Larson and Capulac to test Elder C. in English. He chose a high level and I think he probably did well. Sister S fed them sloppy joes and spuds and root beer. I think they had fun and we had fun talking with them.

Tomorrow morning we will travel north to take chalkboards to Tibao and Culasi and take a bucket, broom and mop to Elder Robertson and Coronel. I will have to try to remember to take pictures. We will do lunch at Mamma Mia's . . . yea!

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