Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Martes, araw 20, Enero

We met Robinsons at the mission home yesterday to test 8 missionaries. We picked up 4, two companionships, on the way in. We got there on time, but then the WiFi was down and we had all sorts of problems getting the laptops up and going, so we started testing one hour late. We were all day long.

When we got there, the office missionaries were changing a tire on one of their vehicles. Elder Seeds and Swan were deeply into it, on the ground in their white shirts and ties. Other missionaries were playing basketball out front, a normal P-day activity. Seeds and Swan must have been in the barrel.

Elder Oliver, Elder Guzman's companion checking on Elder Seeds' work.
We tested until almost 2:30, then went to the Atrium for lunch. We had the best meal since coming to the Philippines. I had pumpkin soup, a greek salad, and some sort of fish (a gamble that paid off) and a lime/mango float. Sister S had carbonara (sp?), which is a penne pasta dish. We really enjoyed it and so did Robinsons.

We stayed at the Urban Sands Motel last night. It was great. We had breakfast and it was excellent too. I can't believe it myself. I wanted to stay a few more days. We will go back. The service was great and it was clean and the beds were super.

We got to Zone Conference at 8 and got in the photographs and the instruction was pretty good all sessions.
Elder Cabatauando. He goes home next week. We met him and taught with he and Elder Christensen when we first came. We had some fun times. He will be missed.

Elder Seeds studying the zone photograph during morning break.
We were going to back up-town and get a few things, but we decided to give 4 Sisters a ride back to San Jose to save them a few pesos. We had fun visiting with them on the way back. We are pooped out from the sitting and traveling, but it was a good time and we found a good place to stay and eat when we travel to Iloilo. I didn't think we ever would.

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