Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Martes ang 27 Enero

Enero is about at an end. It has been an interesting few days.

Saturday we attended the baptism of Syrel Dalut, age 13 and Chiara Dalute, age 9, I believe. These are Dulito and Lily's girls. Dulito baptized them and they had a wonderful service, like it is supposed to be. Sister S and I are so pleased to see them build a Gospel Centered Family and proceed toward the temple and become an Eternal Family. The missionaries started teaching a their home some 10-12 months ago and we have had a small part in all of it. We will assist Dulito in saving money for the temple. That will happen after we leave, but as long as it happens . . .

Elders from left, Folsom and Soon taught the girls and many missionaries have been involved with the family over time .  . . Elder Alforque and Morgan when when we first got involved, Elder Fogavai and Morgan next, then Fogavai and Ananga, then Asuro and Ananga, then Asi and Orr, but I don't think they taught Daluts. Then came Folsom and Soon. So, many have been involved.
Sunday we went to church at Sibalom and saw the girls confirmed by their father and I got called upon to speak. I gave my "Keeper of the Stream" talk. It went fairly well.

I ragged the priesthood pretty well in that meeting, and asked them to repent. I expect they were offended, but . . . something has got to give. The members do absolutely nothing to retain, or rescue less actives. It is not unlike the other branches; all of them.

We did absolutely nothing Monday beside Sister S washing missionary clothing. Sister Sessions and I watched Elder Cook's talk from Conference Priesthood Meeting for FHE last night. It is funny that I don't remember the talk, but it was very powerful and I tried to share it on Facebook, but I had technical difficulties. It didn't happen.

This morning we went to District Meeting and we had a pretty good meeting. Elder Orr taught about having the Spirit when we teach and the role of The Spirit in conversion. Sister S went for cake to celebrate Sister Haun's birthday. It was fun.

President Amar and I went to the jail to visit/teach Joseph. I was asked at the front door for my identification and my age. I was shocked to hear myself say, "67". Whoa! 

The guys at jail gave me the remaining coin purses I had made for the grand kids and a small picture frame Joseph made for me out of sugar cane stalks. It is way cool. I hope to paint a few tiny watercolors, or oils, to fit the frame.

We received permission from the warden to go teach at the jail on Fridays from 9-11. I think the young Elders are a little afraid of the place, but President Amar and I can go, or we can go with the Elders. I look forward and have been preparing a lesson for the the first go, "The Plan Of Salvation" video and the first half of the lesson from PMG. It ought to be great and I think the men at the jail will like it too.

We pray for Zach Bruneel and ask that The Lord will bless him and his family. We pray he will get well and that his family will be strengthened in the interim. It is an opportunity for ward members to serve.

Tomorrow we go with the Elders to visit James Brugato at noon. He has a new baptism date of February 7. We pray for him and look forward to having a great time with the Elders visiting him.

I am way excited about teaching in the jail. They are my kind of guys. . . At least I feel comfortable with them. The Lord loves a sinner and loves to bring them back to sit in the "sheep seats", gets? Couldn't help myself. 

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