Monday, January 5, 2015

Lunes ang 5 Enero

I was up about 4:45 this morning. I could not sleep. I suppose I went to bed too early last evening. We walked this morning and talked with June and his wife. June is an officer in the Salvation Army here in San Jose. He is really a nice man. I wish he weren't attached, but it is a good organization and they do much good in the world.

We came home and I studied Tagalog for a while before Pres. Amar came and we did my lesson. It was pretty fun, but we have not met for two weeks and I was pretty rusty already. It went okay.

After the lesson, we drove to Iloilo for supplies. We went to Robinson's and to SM. We tried to hit the Atrium, but the traffic in Iloilo proper was at a stand still. I was pretty frustrated, but we drove out to SM and had lunch at the Moon Cafe. It is supposed to be Mexican food, but . . .  not even close. We had a good enough lunch and we went to the grocery store in SM and got a few things, then headed for home. We got back into the house at about 6:45.

Tomorrow we have zone conference. The zone leaders texted and asked Sister S to do the presentation from the handbook and they asked that I wear a long sleeve white shirt with the rest of the Elders. I don't know why, and I don't like to, but I agreed. After the conference, we have three missionaries coming over to the house to do English testing. I am praying the computer will serve and that all will go well.

Few pics from today:
Chungi in Oton. I am going to do a little project painting sari sari stores and see how that turns out. This one looked colorful.

Fruit stand along the way outside Oton. There is another, like a mirror image across the street which would be to the right of this pic. It is pretty colorful too, so  . . . . I wonder why "Medicus".

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