Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Martes ang 6 Enero

Zone Conference today. It was good and we had a good time. I am having a harder time hearing lately. My ears feel sort of wide open, with stuff behind the ear drum and I hear everything, loud and mixed. If more that one persons speaks at a time, I am lost.

The missionaries now are mostly Elders and Sisters who came in under President Aquino's leadership. They are now very loyal to him. We saw the same sort of thing occur in Alabama with President Tate and President Holzapfel. It is human nature I suppose. It is a good thing. Now, and for the next 18 months as well, all the missionaries will be Aquino led.

We tested three Filipino Elders in English today. They enjoyed coming over and Sister S made sloppy joes and pineapple and her good potato slices in mushroom sauce and miner's cake. We had some cans of Shasta, which was a hit. Sister S fit them up with bags of sugared peanuts and they went away happy. We will miss these guys as they leave in three weeks for home.
From left rear to right: Elder Comilang, Elder Chapman, Elder Coronel, Elder Tracy, Elder Folsom, Elder Kellerstrass, Elder Swanton, Elder Larson, Elder Robertson, Elder Orr . . .  Left Middle: Elder Nocom, Elder Tolentino, Sister Fantone, Sister Haun, Sister Sessions, Elder S, Sister Smith, Sister Crisanto, Elder Suerte, Elder Daniel . . . Left front: Elder Ramos, Elder Estrada, Elder Soon, Elder Borboran, Elder Olivar, Elder Egama, Elder Capulac and Elder Panganiban. 

I guess the last picture is usually wacky. Wish I had known so I could have gotten wacky with them.

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