Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Miyercoles ang 21 Enero

Pretty busy day. I did linguahe study with Pres. Amar, then we picked up Pres. Villavert and drove to Bugasong to train Pres. Tandoy. I sat in the car and read the Old Testament and drew some in my sketchbook. They took a long time. We went to the Island Choice resto for lunch after.

Pres. Amar knows a lot about old TV from the U.S. And we had fun talking about old cowboy shows as we drove back to San Jose. He wondered if Arizona was really like the movies, with swinging saloon doors and unfriendly comments to "strangers". Sister S and I went walking a little after arriving home.
President Tandoy on the left. Pres. Villavert center and Pres. Amar right.
Freshly planted rice paddies next to Pres. Tandoy's house. Pretty day. . . A bit warm, but not like it is going to be. We received a nice note from Sister Gingery. Always fun to hear from her.

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