Monday, February 23, 2015

23 Pebrero

P-day. The Sisters were over to start their washing early. I was up for hours. I got up at 3:30. I couldn't sleep anymore and just lay in bed trying to think of Tagalog phrases, that when I checked, I had them wrong anyway. I read the scriptures.

 Pres. Amar came over for Linguahe and Djeolito came over to work a bit and visit. Ryan and his girls called this morning. It was fun to talk with them. They asked if we had tasted balout yet. Not going to happen. Everyone we talk to tells us how good it is, but. . . Not happening for Sister S, or for me. 

We helped Djeolito sign up for e-mail and facebook, then we went To Santiago's for a dang good lunch and mango shakes. We drove Djeolito home and took a selfie with him. 

I took the truck to the car wash. We are going to Iloilo tomorrow to test missionaries and I wanted to get it cleaned up a bit. The crazy guys that wash it for me wear this headgear. Men all over the place do this. We wonder the purpose. 

Anyway. A pretty good day and tiring.
Maybe they want to keep their hair in place, or not be recognized by passers-by, or maybe it is a ninja thing. It seems too hot to me for a full head covering. 

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