Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pebrero 4

We went to the church and got a whiteboard for Culasi early this morning and we went to V-Brent's and bought a smaller one for Tibiao. We bought 8 pens to use with the boards. We bought fuel and tied everything on the roof of the Ranger. Before we got far, I noticed the load was loose, so I stopped and retied everything. We had the white board and frame sitting on a large pad we use to transport missionaries in the back of the truck.

We stopped again before we got to the Sibalom intersection and had to turn north. I wanted to make sure all was well. I tightened everything and drove on. We almost got to Belisone and the load had shifted again. I stopped, took out the pad and a Pinoy man came over and helped me tie everything on again.

We got to the other side of Belisone and the whole thing flew off the top of the truck. I should have photographed that, but didn't think to do so. We gathered the pieces and put them inside the truck. We were really lucky that the frame didn't break, so I tied it on the back of the truck and we went on up to Tibiao. We were way off schedule, but we made it to the Tibiao apartment and met Elder Daniel and Elder Dorman.
Tibiao apartment. It is actually nicer inside than it appears from the outside. They have it pretty clean. The apartment is not actually finished, hence the hole in the wall. They hold church here with about 12-15 members attending.

Elders Daniel (left) and Elder Dorman.
We proceeded to Culasi and got all the pieces out of the back of the truck and hauled them inside the apartment/chapel combo, and Elder Kellerstrass and Elder Egama and Sister Sessions and I put the thing together as best we could. It was surprisingly strudy when we finished and they were very happy to have a teaching aid. The whiteboard is made of a thin metal sheet, backed with wood and a white emulsion. Sister S is going to take them some magnets when we go back up on the 15th. They can use it as a bulletin board put magnets on visual aids, if they have any. Anyway, it worked out okay.
Coming together after much reconstruction.

Culasi with the together whiteboard behind them. They were happy and we were happy it was not a failed trip.

Gateway to the Culasi apartment/chapel. Sister Sessions adorns the ingress.

Stopped to see the boat builder's wares in Tibiao. I just wanted to see what and how. These babies will be used in the ocean and will have an inboard engine. They are simple and when outriggers are added, they appear quite fast and stable. Mahogany keels, then light wood frames and some sort of plywood sides and lids. It is not marine grade, but they work.
 We will walk in about an hour and the Zone Leaders are coming over to plan with me for the lesson at the jail Friday. They talked Sister S into feeding them dinner. Sly dogs.

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