Monday, February 16, 2015

Labing anim Pebrero, Lunes

Good day today. We went to Iloilo and tested missionaries for CLS. The technology worked well for a change and the missionaries had a good time.

We senior missionaries had a good time too. We taught Elder and Sister Cushing how to register and test and we had fun discussions about art and family and all sorts of stuff. We went to lunch at the Atrium again and it was very good.

We saw Sister Villiami and several of the missionaries at the office today. We were surprised as it was P-day, but most of the ones we were able to visit with are going home soon, or are companions to those who were testing..

Elder Boligao (AP)  and Sister Villiami. Two of the great ones.

Elder Seeds and Elder Carnahan (traveling AP) talking to Sister Sessions

Elder And Sister Cushing kicking back for a few minutes.

Elder Latchumanan, left and  Elder Magno (traveling AP), back to the cam, visiting with Elder Seeds. We just finished testing Elder Magno. Elder Latch is a favorite from when we were first in San Jose. He and Elder Cabatuando used to take us to the Hamtic Hills teaching with them. I think they just needed a ride, but it was great fun.
Yesterday, I traveled to Culasi and Tibiao with Presidents Amar and Tandoy. It was a good day and much learning took place. Also, 5 men were interviewed to advance in the Priesthood at District Conference. We enjoyed Sacrament Meeting at Tibiao and we enjoyed just visiting with Elders and members in Culasi after t.
 heir meetings.
Elder Dorman prepared for Sacrament Meeting in Tibiao.

This is their "mean look" there in Culasi, according to them. Elder Egama left, Elder Coronel, Elder Kellerstrass, Elder Robertson, and a young brother that wanted in the pic. Bunch of pussycats . . .
We have some meetings, or interviews, and maybe a baptism to attend tomorrow. We think Sister Amor is getting baptized in the afternoon. We have to get a few things ready for the jailbirds and then we need to get prepared to go to Manila on Wednesday. We are flying there to see if the doctors can figure out why my hearing is heading south and a few other little dents and scratches . Busy Week . . .

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