Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day

Here in the Philippines it is V Day. They take any opportunity to celebrate just about anything, so today all the classes at the college are cancelled and today's classes were held yesterday. I don't know what this might mean for night noise, but last night was quiet enough.

I went to the jail with Pres. Amar and the Zone Leaders yesterday. They taught about the restoration. Pres. Amar bore strong testimony. A man asked, "What if I have already sold my soul to the devil?" The question got me out of joint. 

I took the microphone and delivered a little chew-out lecture, telling them all that The Lord Jesus Christ paid the price for their souls and that lucifer never could. That he could never support them, but when they repent and pay their time, The Savior awaits them with open arms and they can always "Come Unto Him". Lucifer has no power beside that we are willing to give him. "You cannot have enough tattoos, you cannot have taken too many drugs, or stolen enough that The Lord Jesus Christ will not forgive you if you repent" I was a bit cranky. "I don't want to hear any more about selling your souls to the devil. If you remember nothing else about the old white man who visited you in jail, remember my assurance that The Lord loves you and will not stop loving you, and you will always be able to come to Him. He will save you while the devil can do nothing for you.

It was funny, they all started clapping and cheering. It was the "Good News" to them. Then we gave them BoMs and a great many wanted them. We asked them to share. Pres. Amar's wife sent pancit, rice cake, chocolate milk and pandisal ( sweet bread) for treats. It went over well. 

We took Djulito to lunch and delivered cargo to Elders. Then the day just sort of fizzled. We walked last night and the Sisters came over to try on clothes that Sister S has been fixing for them. Today I will go visit James. Tomorrow we go to Tibiao and Culasi to interview men for Priesthood advancement. 

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