Saturday, February 21, 2015

Biyernes ang 20 Pebrero

At the MRC this morning at 5:30. Can't sleep. It is too quiet and I am wondering too much what is wrong with me. We will go see the doctor at 7:00 I am told. That means it will, more likely, be about 9:00. 

We tried to go to the temple yesterday, twice. Once with reservations and in the afternoon at 2:00 as walk-ins. Many people came to the temple yesterday. . . President Trask, the MTC President just walked up to me in the hall and we visited. I am sure pleased I came into the hall to write and study. What's a fired up man. He baptized our mission president some 30 years ago. 

As I was saying, yesterday was Chinese New Year and things were crowded because it was a holiday from work. As we were coming back to the apartment from the temple, we met Sister Chrisanto's family. A young man just asked us our assignment and when we told him Antique, he asked if we know her. 

Early morning shot of the temple.

Then, we had a man come to our room tat turned out to be Elder Gan's father. What a good faithful man. So is Elder Gan. We told about Elder Gan and shared pictures of Elder. Brother Gan said, "His mother sure misses him." He will come home in June from Panay. Brother Gan travels two hours to get to work and again going home. Great man.
Great conversation with President Trask. He was a missionary here, then a mission president and now back as MTC Pres. He is such a dynamo. I can see why The Lord loves him and trusts him. 

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