Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Huwebes ang 26 Pebrero

At Circle Inn in Iloilo. We tested missionaries Tuesday, then spen enjoyable time with the senior missionariesy. Yesterday we visited with Strengs and walked around SM City. We saw the young men who are preparing for missions from San Jose. They were over to receive their patriarchal blessings. I would have liked to be a fly on that wall.

I painted in my sketchbook a little and we read and spent a pretty sleepless night, my 4th in as many days. We are up and getting ready to head to Manila at 10ish. Not much to say. The weather is getting hotter each day. 

Deuteronomy 26, with a careful reading, adds a bunch to Malachi and other scriptures regarding tithing. 26:12-19

Notes going through the verses and thoughts:
Levite -bishop
Hallowed things- increase- money
Tithing indicates we have not transgressed His commandments, "neither have I forgotten them."
Have done according to the Lord's will
Keep the statute with all heart and soul
Tithing "avouches" that we will Araw Araw keep His statutes, walk in His ways, hear ken to His voice (Spirit and scriptures)
The Lord avouches we will be His peculiar" people
He will grant Eternal Life and make us holy people 
It is a covenant to keep the law of tithes, an indicator of faithfulness. If we can overcome to pay a full tithe, we can keep all commandments. 

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