Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pebrero ang walo

Sabbath. We attended at San Jose today because James fizzled out on his baptism yesterday and we were going to attend in Hamtic for his confirmation. It was good to go to SJ. I haven't been there in about 2 months.

This week we went to Zone Conf., Traveled to Culasi and Tibiao Wednesday to take supplies. Thursday I can't remember, Friday the Elders and I taught at the jail and did some blessings around town, and Saturday Sister S and I (and I am certain the Hamtic Elders) were disappointed that James cancelled his baptism which was supposed to take place at 9:00 am. We decided to do a few minor things we needed to accomplish . . . Guisano food shoping, took the "F" Sisters to find Michelle's (a little deaf Sister that made some key rings for us) and we took them to Santiago's for lunch. We had fun. I forgot to take a picture, so I took one this morning at church.
Four of the best. From left: Sister Smith, Sister Fantone, Sister Fepuleai, and Sister Crisanto

It was good to take the Sacrament and report on our week in interview with the Lord. It is embarrassing that I have so little to report to Him. But, it is very good to renew my covenant with Him. My scripture reading this morning was great.

This afternoon we have a meeting at the church for a District Leadership Meeting, I think. I am not sure, but I will go and report.

Tomorrow is P-day. Sister S will do some sewing for the young Sisters. They come to the mission and lose weight and Sister S keeps a little busy adjusting their clothing. Nice for her. I will just read, or paint. 

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