Tuesday, February 10, 2015

11 Pebrero

Wednesday morning. I woke up ar 3 am and stole Sister Sessions' pillow when she got up to use the CR. It is always fun to give her a hard time. But, then I couldn't get back to sleep til 4:30. I got out of the rack at 7:05 and rolled to my knees for a morning chat. 

Showered, shaved, read e-mail to get the mission doctors information and sent him a note regarding my hearing problem. Have not heard back. I fixed sausage and scrambled eggs and mangoes for breakfast and studied Tagalog in preparation for lessons this morning with Pres. Amar. 

Yesterday we attended district meeting and had a good lesson. The missionaries practiced teaching, something we have not done in months. We talked about investigators and shared some experiences and scriptures. 

After meeting, I took the truck to be washed and read the OT while I waited. I slip the washers some pesos for a tip and the one guy always pats me on the stomach. Sister Villavert does the same thing. I will ask Pres. Amar if this is a custom, or just a handy place to touch for a quick, "thank you".

I finished a painting I have been working off and on for weeks, maybe months. It is of Leslie Gulch. My neighbor and I visited there and took lots of pictures. 

We walked last evening. We like walking in the evening much better. It breaks up the day. Sister S is doing sewing for the Sisters. Not much going on, especially today. Tomorrow we go for apartment inspections and lunch in Iloilo. Looking forward.

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