Monday, March 2, 2015

3 March

One year and on day on the mission. We are in Manila and very tired of the place. The MRC is a nice place and the people special, but we are pretty bored. The traffic here is a nightmare.

We attended church with the lead couple here at one of the Manila wards two days ago now. The chapel here was dirty, as have been most that we have been in the past year. Only Sibalom cleans their chapel, in our limited experience. One wonders what happened to the teaching that the chapels are Heavenly Father's houses and are sacred buildings. I remember that from when I was little.

We have gone to the Megamall the last few days and walked. That felt good. Yesterday afternoon we went to the temple, now closed for two weeks of cleaning, and folded temple clothes for a few hours in the basement to help out. The temple goers here don't have their own clothes and almost always rent, so the laundry is super busy.

Last night Sister S and I conducted the FHE. We taught a short lesson and did "two truths and a lie" and had banana splits for treats. After, Sister S and I sat around after with Elder and Sister Garrett and swapped stories. Today we go to Mabuhay House to visit and see if we can recommend ways of helping mothers teach their children to read and do math, or teach mothers the same things if they don't know how to read/write.
Sister S with Sister Garrett and young Elder Liu, a missionary fom China. Good kid.
We met this little Sister Missionary and her companion outside the MRC. They were getting X-Rays for TB prior to going home in a few weeks. She has the most amazing eyes. Had to get a picture for reference . The picture does not show them their true bright blue. 

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  1. Glad to finally see another post😉 how long are you in Manila? We've been thinking about you guys a lot! Hope everything is good! Love and miss you guys!