Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pebrero 22, 2014

Sandy and Chancey are working on one of the apartments, trying to get it done and rented before we head to Salt Lake/Provo/MTC next Saturday, the 1st of March. We are to report at the MTC Monday, the 3rd, at 10:40 am.  We don't want to travel on the Sabbath, so we will go and attend church someplace, perhaps at the MTC.

We drove to Nampa early this morning to pick up trim at Stone's Lumber. They weren't open, so we went to MacDonalds, Sandy's favorite breakfast dive. I didn't eat, but sat and visited about what I have been reading regarding the Philippines. I expect it will be very different in real life and real time. Most of the reports we hear are 20 years old.

We will call the Scotts tomorrow evening at 7:00 and hope to get some more up to date information. They are the senior missionaries we are replacing. We have many questions regarding the work and living on the island of Panay.

I cleaned up the back yard today and went to exercise in the pool at the YMCA. It was a nice day. We are leaving in a few minutes to Amy's house in Boise. She has initiated and planned a sort of family reunion/farewell for this evening. I look forward to seeing everyone.

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