Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pebrero 19, 2014

Ma'ayong hapun. (Good afternoon).

Studied the BoM this morning and hit the YMCA for deep water swim session. It was so crowded that it was tough to swim. Good thing I have built in flotation. When I breath in, I pop up about 8 inches out of the water.

I started studying Preach My Gospel today, again. I have the purpose still memorized, but reading the commission to teach and the teachings of President Benson concerning the power and authority of the calling is powerful. While Sandy and I were getting examined and fitted for glasses I read. It was tough to hold back tears. The folks at Walmart would have been amused at the old fat guy crying in the optical shop.

Sandy got fitted for her first pair of bifocals. We are set vision-wise. I remembered my first pair of glasses. I went to Idaho Falls to get them and was to meet the boys out in Kunzville in the Basin to hunt. I hopped the fence and started across the field to meet them by the head waters of the Teton River. The bifocals were so new to me that I immediately stumbled and took a header in the plowed field. I was by myself, so I was not to embarrassed.

Counting down to the MTC. SHORT!!!
Trying to paint this evening. Haven't touched a brush in about 10 days.

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