Monday, February 24, 2014

Pebrero 24, 2014

We had a wonderful day yesterday with the kids at Michael and Emily's house. Grandkids rode the 4-wheeler and motorcycle and played together. And cried when they had to part. Cousins do become close.

We said farewell to Chancey and his family. I missed them immediately. We felt a bit empty on the way home.

At 7:00, we called Brother and Sister Scott in Snowflake, Arizona. They are the senior couple we follow in the Philippines Iloilo Mission. They found us, actually, through Elder and Sister Taylor who are still serving in the mission. We had a great conversation and they gave us many good tips on what to bring and where we might find food and about the assignment. Of course, assignments change, but President Aquino said we would be going to the same district, that our car and house are ready for us, so we know we will be going to San Jose in the Antique District.

Amy is having surgery this morning and I am off to exercise. Sandy is with Amy and I suppose she will be away most of the day. I am going to the Globetrotters this evening with Brian and the kids. I loved the Globetrotters as a boy and look forward to seeing them after so many, many years.

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