Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pebrero 20, 2014

Went to the dermatologist and to the temple this morning. The dermatologist's physician's assistant served his mission in Iloilo. He was in the city all the time and it was 20 years ago, but it was fun talking to him and asking about the language.

I spent nearly two weeks trying to memorize (memory the problem) how to count to ten: isa-1, du'ha-2, t'atlo-3, apat-4, lima'-5, anu'-6, pito'-7, walo'-8, siya'm-9, and pu'lo-10 . . . then it goes on in Spanish. Then the physician's assistant says they just use Spanish, and I didn't need to learn these. So, one doesn't always get the low-down from the Internet.

The pharmacy called and they have collected 18 months of my medications . . . the bill totaling $812.48. We will pick it up tomorrow. How does one say "Crapolla" in Hiligaynon? This going on a mission can be expensive. Our glasses came to about $550.

A senior couple by the name of Scott left the mission, I think in December, and we are to fill their spot. The Scotts e-mailed and we are going to have a little conference call Sunday evening. Sandy and I look forward to hearing about the mission. Elder and Sister Taylor, the other senior missionaries in the mission (the only other couple), have been e-mailing with us and telling us some little, very valuable, hints about what to pack and what not to pack. We are winding down to the wire pretty fast.

We still have to get an apartment painted and rented. It is nearly ready. Chancey is going to help us get the floor back into shape this weekend, I believe. The place has been a bit of a mess. What a bummer to have people not pay their rent, but go ahead and tear the apartment up anyway. The last guy, we learned, shot his pellet gun at a phone book in the house. Not much of a gun, he is not much of a shot. Sandy has been digging pellets out of the cupboards.

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