Saturday, March 14, 2015

Last Entry

Home nine days. We saw the Stake President at church last Sunday. He said he would be in touch and release us. He has not done so. He is a pretty loose guy though. Our applications papers sat on his desk for weeks. Nobody seemed to look at the papers when they went in. He asked if we would do 18 months opposed to the 1 year we had requested. We went to a hot place, with little medical assistance, and flew for long periods/distances that I specifically asked not to do.

In spite of all that, it doesn't matter. We were sent home by an area authority 70, so I figure we were released in Manila.

It was a tough time. We met many people we loved. We met many who played us. There were many people who play the church for assistance. There many others who are genuine and "pure in heart." We ask the Lord to bless those,  pure in heart and the missionaries and the mission president and his wife. We pray for the Philippines and her people. Sorry to be home early, but happy to be home. We await test results from doctors and hope to see a doctor that will help my hearing problem.

Going to get this blog published as our/my journal for the last 13 months. That's it . . . .

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