Monday, March 2, 2015

March 3 . . . Afternoon

We went to Mabuhay House (Mabuhay means long life, or good life). It is a really nice place where people can go for help. It is member supported and started by a past mission president doctor. We had a lot of fun playing with the kids, and adults too. We sang for them. We played some learning games and just visited. The sisters made some cookies. I don't think the cookies were very good. When I asked the little girl seated with Sister Sessions, below, her eyes were watering and she looked as if she were gagging. She nodded that they were good, but just good culture, I think. Fun morning.
The little fellow in the wheel chair has feet that were completely turned backward. He undergoes surgery, after healing a while, and the doctors are trying to get some normalcy to his legs and feet. 
Moises and a little mom with a cleft palette one year old. The little guy is sick, so he will go home to get over his cold, then come back for surgery. Moises has several problems, but he is a member and he offered a wonderful prayed when we departed.
Senior sisters who went with us. 
There were about four little ones wait him for palette surgery. Some of the least of Father's children come here. It is great that they receive such treatment, love, and care.

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